Goals and Activities

Goals and activities of the Association are:
–    keeping a register of its members;
–    assisting with protection of rights and reputation of its members;
–    monitoring and supervising application of rules – code of medical ethics and
deontology – and suggesting adequate measures if they are broken;
–    organising professional development in the field of neurosurgery;
–    organising professional meetings, symposia, congresses in the field of neurosurgery;
–    establishing exchange of experience and information with other neurosurgical
associations and societies at home and abroad;
–    participating in the drawing up of medical specialisation/residency programmes and
postgraduate neurosurgical studies;
–    planning, monitoring, supervising sub-specialisation and other forms of neurosurgical
–    monitoring and recommending requirements for professional development in terms of extending
the activity;
–    initiating and proposing members of commissions for specialist examinations to the relevant
Ministries, medical associations and medical institutions;
–    monitoring and recommending content and target dates/terms of checking neurosurgeons’
–    taking care and keeping a record of doctors professionally exposed to risks of health damage;
–    encouraging friendly cooperation among the Association members;
–    initiating, monitoring and participating in the drawing up of standards and normative provisions
for neurosurgical services;
–    initiating and suggesting organisation of a network of neurosurgical activity;
–    ensuring lasting material and financial independence of the Association by way of marketing and
publishing activities, and organising professional lectures and seminars, etc. for the needs of its
members provided by Law;
–    initiating and supporting exchange of experience and information with university medical centres
and associations, other associations and legal persons at home and abroad;
–    carrying out other activities and tasks provided by the Association’s Programme and Work Plans.